New M&M's Flavours

New M&M's Flavours

M&M's lovers and fans, you're in for a treat. 3 new international flavours available for a limited time only, imported from the USA.

  • Thai Coconut Peanut
  • Mexican Jalapeno Peanut
  • English Toffee Peanut

Which will be your new favourite, don't miss out on this exciting flavour journey, they won't be around for too long.

Thai Coconut Peanut

Indulge in the savoury sweet taste of Thai Coconut Peanut M&M's® candies - Inspired by the tropics of Thailand.

Mexican Jalapeno Peanut

It's spicy. It's chocolatey, it's muy delicioso. Try Mexican Jalapeño Peanut M&M's® candies for a flavourful kick.

English Toffee Peanut

Taste the deliciousness of English Toffee Peanut M&M's® candies. Almost like a trip to Great Britain itself.


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