Vegan Tic Tacs

Vegan Tic Tacs
I’ve loved orange tic tacs since I was little, so I’ve been a little afraid to ask, are tic tacs vegan? The answer is, most current orange tic tacs are vegan, and so are many other flavors, but some are not. It depends on which factory made the Tic Tacs – the same flavor may be vegan in one place, and not in another.

For example, the Cherry Cola flavor on the USA website is vegan, but the one on the Australian website is not. Currently, the USA website only lists vegan flavors. However, some non-vegan flavors not listed are still available at stores in the United States.

A customer service agent for Tic Tacs’ parent company, Ferrero, wrote to me that some tic tacs contain carmine and/or shellac which are not vegan, and some candy cane Tic Tacs contain dairy, but all other flavors are vegan. They also wrote that Ferrero does not use sugar or other ingredients that have been processed through bone char or animal rennet, and they do not do any animal testing.1

Tic Tacs Vegan

Watch out for these non-vegan ingredients in some Tic Tacs:

  • Carmine – a red pigment produced by boiling certain insects.
  • Carminic Acid – the coloring agent in Carmine, a red pigment produced by boiling certain insects.
  • Shellac – resin excreted by the female lac beetle, used to create a shiny coating on candies. It is now often replaced by carnauba wax.
  • Milk – a fluid produced in the mammary glands of mammals intended for feeding their babies.

If you’re shopping online, use our free vegan ingredient search engine to paste and search all the ingredients at once.

Currently, any Tic Tacs with printed images on them, like the Despicable Me series, or the Valentine’s Day Be Mine Mix, use shellac, even if the base flavor is normally vegan.
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Vegan Tic Tac Flavors

Non-vegan Tic Tac Flavors

  • Be Mine Mix – contains shellac
  • Berries Tic Tacs – Australia – contains carmine
  • Candy Cane Mints – contains dairy
  • Cerise Cola – France – contains carmine
  • Cerise et Fruit de la Passion – France – contains carmine
  • Cherry Cola Tic Tacs – UK, Canada, and Australian version contains carminic acid – check ingredients. United States version is vegan.
  • Cherry Passion Tic Tacs – UK – contains carminic acid
  • Citron Vert et Orange – France – contains carmine
  • Despicable Me Banana and Mandarin – contains shellac
  • Despicable Me Banana and Tangerine – contains shellac
  • Emotics Orange Tic Tacs – contains shellac
  • Emotics Peppermint Tic Tacs – contains shellac
  • Fruit Adventure Tic Tacs – UK, Australia 24g and 49g sizes – contains carminic acid
  • Grape Tic Tacs – contains carmine
  • Lime and Orange Tic Tacs – UK – contains carminic acid

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